Amnesia windowed mode

tried amnesia in windowed mode 1920x1080 i keep getting lags in places and sometimes it stops and runs ok why is this i tried fraps and noticed 60fps tried putting vsync on and it cuts to 30fps and theres a mouse delay and its really stuttery can anyone help please :(

i7 3770
12gb ram
64gb ssd
1tb samsung spinpoint
6950 2gb crossfire
ocz 700w
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  1. have u using games on 64gb ssd i mean u install amnesia on 64gb ssd drive and playing it on
  2. im playing it on hard drive
  3. i thought on ssd games dont make a difference
  4. it will try to install it on 1tb hdd urs because ssd is much faster use it for windows
  5. i got my windows on ssd and game on hdd
  6. ok still have problem on playing games on hdd
  7. not all games just amnesia
  8. may be u have ripped version of game try to update version crack or patch
  9. Does it work properly in fullscreen? Did you try turning Windows AERO off?
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