Is this a good deal?

I am looking to finally get a desktop PC again as I have been using a semi-decent laptop for the past few years. I just got into gaming on the computer again such as Minecraft and a few other games, but they don't run as fast as I would like, especially Minecraft. :pfff:

I was originally going to build a PC from scratch, with each separate part, but I don't have the money right now so I'm just wondering if this barebones bundle is alright for mild gaming and regular use?

I am going to purchase a video card separate, please feel free to give me any advice!

Here's the link...
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  1. Pretty good value, the HDD alone is worth $80. Its cheaper than if you bought the parts yourself. It wont compare to even a low end build nowadays, but for $250 you cant really expect that.

    Definetly add a video card to it, as I don't think that dual core Athlon will serve up much graphical performance.
    On this rig I would hesitate to add anything above a HD7850 for fear of bottle-necking. I think a HD7770 would be good. The PSU should hold a graphics card of that draw.

    If your considering upgrading the GPU further, you will have to replace the power supply. Its only got one 6+2pin PCI-E connector. And its generic, so another reason.
  2. I really appreciate the advice! I'm going to check out that video card, It really helps me because while I am a very computer savvy guy, I am just learning how to build a PC.
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