Computer won't start

I pressed the power button on my psu and only the motherboard starts. everything is plugged in and not even the case goes on. I tried disconnecting the graphics card (Gtx 670) and still nothing. Someone please help?

I have an asus P8Z77-V mobo, 3570k, Corsair Graphite 600t case, and Kingwin Ap-550 PSU
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  1. Have you attached both (two) power connections from the PSU to the MB. Besides the 24 pin connector there is an 8 pin required. Please look here (
  2. Ya I have. It's the one with the small conector and the bigger one right next to it that go into the same socket?

    edit: if you're wondering the green light turns on on the motherboard
  3. sniff* did you plug in your graphics card?
  4. Ya.
  5. Make sure your RAM is seated all the way. Take the GPU out of the picture. Put it back in the box for now.
  6. the powercords for it
  7. ya I plugged in the powercords for it
  8. and the ram is in place
  9. I do not think you have both power plugs in. Looking at your board in the computer: You should have one large 24 pin power plugged in at the edge closest to the front of the case; Another 8 pin goes into the socket at the top right above the large blue heat sink.. They are NOT next to each other.
  10. Ok, that one is plugged in aswell
  11. thought you were talking bout something else
  12. Does the fan on the cpu spin and keep spinning? Are the fans plugged into the MB headers or directly off the PSU connectors? Did you attach power and data cables to each device (HDD, CD/Disc, etc.)
  13. the cpu doesn't turn on. the fans are plugged into the mb headers. and yes
  14. Your descriptions are exactly what would happen if that second 8 pin connector was not plugged in. Have you tried the re-seat the two power plugs into the MB. Any chance of a pic.? It is possible the PSU is bad. Can you try swapping another in? You would just to use the 2 MB connectors.
  15. fixed it, i had the power switch plugged in the wrong way. Thanks for the suggestions!
  16. tsk tsk tsk i told you
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