Can DDR2 Work with AM3+ processor AMD FX?

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  1. kiwiturkey said:

    No, the memory controller in the FX line is DDR3 only. So if you have that board and want to use the FX line, you'll need to get some DDR3.
  2. Hey Turkey, long time no see! I hope your new video card and build's going good?

    Anyways for DDR3 ram, here is an even cheaper alternative:

    It's on sale so best you grab it asap.
  3. Haha my new video card and build is doing just fine. I think my cpu is bottlenecking my fps thought =(.
  4. HD 7750 and Athlon X2 64 6000+ ? I don't think your CPU should be bottlenecking, the video card is not really a high end card....
  5. Oh, so I don't have to upgrade to anything? Would it be faster with a Phenom ii x4 840t?
  6. Definitely, a quad core will be an improvement over your dual core. Though, I would advise hopping to at least the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition...

    Take advantage of this price:
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