Amd Athlon X4 II 631 @2.6ghz bottleneck?

Will my cpu bottleneck my gpu? and is it good enough for intense games like bf3?

Amd Athlon X4 II 631 quadcore @2.6ghz
Sapphire HD7770 ghz overclock edition
8GB ddr3 ram
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  1. The Athlon II X4 should be too much of a bottleneck for the HD 7770. There is always some sort of bottleneck present in every PC. An HD 7770 is a low-mid range GPU that performs very much like the GTX 460 and HD 6850:

    With lowered settings in BF3, you should be able to play it fine.
  2. Yeah, I intend to overclock
  3. Your cpu is fine for that graphics card,you should not experience any bottlenecking,it should be well balanced in my opinion even for BF3,cheers !!!
  4. Thanks! Thats great to know, just wasnt sure seeing as the gpu cost like twice as much as the cpu.
  5. Ecs A75f-M2 motherboard, i probraby wont even get battlefield 3, i just want to benchmark my cpu and gpu against it so i know how if theyre good enough for other games.
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