GTS 450 1Gb GDDR5

I replace PowerColor ati HD 3650 512Mb ddr2 with Gainward GTS 450 1gb gddr5.
After I installed drivers, I notice some problems with optimal settings for COD3, when i succsesfully solve that I have to waith 3 -5 minutes to loading the solo play map!!! afte tooo long loading, it wasn't a problem to play in max rez 1920x1080. My old card was much faster in logading COD3 maps for solo play.

I try to uninstal drivers and to install newest but it become impossible to install newest drivers.
And now i cant use GTS 450!!!???
Screencapture of instalation:

Anybody with the same problem
How to install drivers????

My PC:
M: Intel frostburg
P: Intel core 2 Quad 6600
R: 4 Gb
PSU: 430w (brand new)
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  1. Do you mean this will help? Cause i have last drivers from gainward and i can't install them. :(
  2. yes manufaturer dosent affect drivers because all chipsetmade by nvidia mostly but they added more stuff like overclocking more cooling but the chip dosent change
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