Grey lines moving up and down screen

Just built my new pc, I have a gtx 560 ti and a Corsair tx650w psu. while in game, i've noticed semi transparent grey lines moving up and down the screen, as well as grey lines that are not moving, just flickering. Anybody know what the problem would be?
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  1. try a different vga/dvi/hdmi cable
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    That could mean any number of things. Do they apprear only in games? Or is it an all the time thing? If it's all the time what happens if you open a game?

    A few things you can try:

    - A fresh install of your video card drivers.
    - Check the temps of the GPU.
    - Check the PC with another monitor or TV, see if those lines are still there.
    - Try a different cable.
    - If you have another PSU you can quicky plut in (don't even have to remove the new one from the case, just swap the cables for a few minutes).
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  3. I'm pretty sure it's constant, it's just a lot more noticeable in game. I see them when i have a youtube video full screened and stuff like that. I've been thinking it might be the DVI to VGA adapter I've been using. I just ordered another DVI cable off newegg so hopefully that works. Thanks for the help you guys, I'll keep you posted.
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  4. Alright, just picked up a DVI cable from best buy, and the lines seem to be gone. Thanks for the help again guys.
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  6. Glad you got it working!
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  7. I have also the same problem but this is little different it occurs all the time. When i open any game it automatically fixes. pls post me permanent solution. My pc specs are :
    Dell Vostro 2520
    Intel HD graphics 3000
    2 gb ram
    2.3 ghz
    windows 10 pro 32 bit
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