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Just curious to hear the experts on this one. I had a weird week in the CPU department. I was repairing a computer in which I had to remove the cpu. put everything back together like I've done a thousand times, but no post. Reseating the CPU fixed the problem.
Next day, I was repairing a laptop for a buddy in which I upgraded the processor. After the upgrade the system would freeze intermittently. Reseated the CPU and everything was fine.

Question: what is it about reseating the CPU that fixes problems? What I mean is, CPU goes in fine the first time with everything the way it should be. When you reseat the CPU you just lift it out and put it back in the same way. What the heck does that do?
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  1. The only thing that makes sense is that you had an intermittant connection to one (or more) of the pins. My guess is that the second around time when you installed the CPU, you were probably a little more methodical about it and just happened to make a better seat. That's what any good computer repairman would do. I'd say "good job" and leave it at that.
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