Can you OC RAM with i3 3220?

I'm planning to buy an i3 w/ Samsung 30nm RAM and I've heard Samsung's 30nm RAM OCs very well.

So can you OC RAM w/ an i3? I know you can't OC the CPU, but not so sure about the RAM.

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    Depends on the mobo. If it's a Z75 or Z77 (or P67/Z68), yes, otherwise, no.

    RAM overclocking will always be motherboard/chipset dependent.
  2. can also change your timings, latencies
  3. if you mean this ram

    then yes it overclocks great

    look at the bottom of the page for what they tested it at

    though whether theres any great benefit from ram overclocking on that platform is another matter
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  5. Thanks guys, and yes, mcnumpty23, that is the RAM I'm talking about.
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