Any tips for upgrading my sytem? Hd 7850?

Asus P5Q-E
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz, 6 MB, (clocked at 3.6 atm)
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512 MB
OCZ Memory Reaper HPC Edition DC 4096 MB, PC6400, 800 MHz, 4, Kit Of 2
Samsung SpinPoint F1 1 TB, 7200 Rpm, 32 MB, Bulk
Antec Gamersgear Three Hundred Black
Corsair VX550 550 Watt, 20+24 Pins

I was wondering what would be the best way to upgrade this sytem with a budget of around -240$?

I was currently thinking of a Sapphire HD 7850 OC or maybe a SSD..? Or will my CPU be the bottleneck?

I play a variety of games ranging from Skyrim to Diablo 3 and epic strategy games.

Thanks in advance for any advice :)

Oh Edit: I play games on a relativly low res (1440x900)
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  1. A 7850 is a substantial upgrade and will rock 1440x900. It will perform well even if you upgrade to a 1080p monitor, though. Your processor should be fine for now, especially at 3.6. The nice thing about the 7850 is that it also provides a reasonable upgrade path, since a pair of 7850s in crossfire is a good combination when you get a new CPU, motherboard, and monitor.

    I would not recommend an SSD as an upgrade right now. They're nice but not the "core" of your system--game performance, to me, is much more about framerates and visual detail than it is about occasional load times. (I guess some other people might disagree.)

    Finally, note that there are actually a few 7870s available for just above that price cutoff after rebate. Might be overkill for your resolution, but it's a substantial upgrade (though you can make some of the performance back by OCing the 7850 yourself). You won't see that in D3, but you might in Skyrim or other new games.

    edit: here's the 7870 for $260 post-rebate that I would recommend if you go that route:
  2. Thx for the response and the tip, unfortunately Prices differ quite since I live in Europe and we dont have rebates. So the 7870 isnt rly a option, id sooner go for a lower card 6xxx if it isnt so much difference on my system, but as you say the 7850 is a nice investment
  3. If you are looking for better frames i agree with motornueron - SSDs may offer faster boot up but not more frames and besides the current SATA III SSDs paired with your board would be less than ideal :P Even thought the HD 4850 is long in the tooth, at your resolution try toning down settings for the more CPU intensive games
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