Conflicting Video Drivers? Please Help

I recently put in a video card in my computer. I followed all the common steps such as disabling the onboard card that I had been using previously. Then when I booted the computer with the card plugged in, I only received a black screen while the PC booted fine and I could even hear the sounds of when I logged on. Therefore, I plugged the VGA back into the the motherboard (into the onboard card) and it booted fine and then I installed the ATI drivers that came on the CD for the card. Then once again I rebooted my PC and plugged it into the new card and got the same result of a plain black screen. So, I plugged it back into the original card and looked through the BIOS (I have a windows vista, its a Dell Inspiron 531s) and I made sure that it would boot the card in the PCI slot and I thought I would be fine then and of course I still got a black screen. My next idea is to uninstall the nVidia drivers that came with the onboard card and the computer because I am beginning to think the source of the problem is that the original drivers aren't allowing the new ATI ones to boot up on start up. My concern is that if I uninstall the original nVidia drivers, my computer would crash and not work again because they are drivers for an onboard card and I believe they control more than that onboard card and that they could have something to do with the motherboard itself. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums

    Do you see the BIOS screen at all with the new card when you switch the PC on?

    Your monitor should receive a signal before windows (and the drivers) are loaded.

    What card have you installed?
  2. First, thanks for the help :) , the card is a visiontek radeon 4350 hd and no when I switch on the PC with the new card plugged into the monitor I only get a black screen. Sorry to not specify well enough, when I was in BIOS before I had my VGA plugged into the onboard card.
  3. Ok, Your Dell's 300W PSU should be enough to power the HD4350

    Don't mean to cause offence but are you sure you have it installed in the PCI-E lane?
  4. Just about positive.

    Thanks for the help. But, I took out the card and noticed a couple problems with the card. A piece on the end was chipped off and the parts were all a little crooked. I will be sending it back and trying again, If not, I will try again and you may see me in a couple weeks. Other than that, for now I shall wait.
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