Hi, so basically i have a switching creation 600 watts PSU with a DEDICATED 6 PIN PCI-E power connector and i want to know if an asus gtx 550 ti will be able to run on it...Also the most important thing is that it has 10amps on the 12v rail and i know this is little. Most people are telling me the psu is good as long as it has a 6 pin power connector.The graphic card vendor even inspected my psu and guaranteed me that it would work even with the GPU stressed and funtioning at max!I'm puzzled ;0 My question to you all is if the psu was that bad what THE HELL WOULD IT HAVE A 6 PIN connector! THis would defeat the purpose of having 10 amps on the 12v rail...sorry i'm no expert in power supplies and graphic stuffs but i REALLY want to know this. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED!THANKS!
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  1. 24 amps on the 12v rail. Google is good. No need to make new posts.
  2. I'm running a GTX550ti on a thermatalke TR2 500w ...
  3. i dont know anything about amps, but your PSu is enough to run it. My 630watt can run a GTX 680
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