Worth it?


I currently have the following
Intel DP35DP dragontail peak motherboard
Intel E7400 cpu
Kingston 2 x 2Gb ddr800 memory

Will it be worth it upgrading to the following
Gigabyte ga-B75M-D3P
Intel 3330 I5
Corsair 1x 4GB vengeance 1600mhz

I will use current GPU Asus GTX550 Ti DC Top

Will be used for gaming
current config is still good enough to run BF3 full without Anti aliasing
F1 2012 Full without anti aliasing

Seems GPU does not like anti aliasing :cry:

So big question will it be worth it? might i see some performance increase?
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  1. i think you should see a significant improvement, plus you'll be future proofing yourself a bit for upgrading other components later on.
  2. It will be a big upgrade although I know a 550 ti wont run battlefield at ultra at 60fps.

    Some games will still be GPU bound but you should see your minimums bump up at the very least.

    Anti aliasing is a pretty intensive technique.
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