Will the GTX670 be able to run 4 independent monitors

will the GTX670 be able to run 4 independent monitors? (ie monitors with different resolutions and order)
in case of no could it be easy to add another card different maker?

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  1. Yes, you can run four independent monitors with a GTX670.
  2. so they will appear in the windows configuration as 4 monitors OR as 2 monitors (3 as one and an extra one)???
    and will i be able to extend my desktop in any direction i want?
  3. They will all (Four) be in displayed in the nVidia control panel, you can set them up how you like (Surround + 1, Four independent, Extended desktop ETC... and yes you can decide which monitor you want as your primary, secondary ETC.
  4. Just as a tip, check out displayfusion (program) will allow you to do a lot of coolthings with your new screen estate. Taskbars on all your screens, different backgrounds on each screen and other cool stuff.
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