How much do you think I can sell this for?


It has come to my attention that I have quite a few spare PC parts that I need to get rid of. I've been at it for about a week and it's really hard to come across buyers for the parts. What I'm debating is would it be better to build a PC and sell it as a whole? If that's the case, I would need to break even at least.

I'm wondering what do you think is a realistic price I can sell a PC with these specs for:

Need to purchase ---> invest another $120-$140
Intel G530 CPU ($40-45)
MSI/Gigabyte H61 MOBO ($40-45)
4GB DDR3 RAM ($20-25)
Any case ($20-25)

Already purchased (basically new still)
Samsung external DVD Drive
Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB HDD
Generic 450W PSU

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  1. I think you might lose money if you build the full system, that happened to me when i was in your position. I would possibly put the hard drive in an enclosure then sell it all separately.
  2. Yeah it doesnt seem like a good idea to build a system around these parts, you will loose money.
  3. Hmm.. thanks for the input.

    I think it would be a bad idea to buy new parts. Maybe I'll look for a used case ($10)
    and hope for a CPU/MOBO/RAM combo for maybe like $50ish?

    If I sell the system for like $200-$250.. I hope someone will bite.... D:

    What's the oldest 'decent' processor? Core 2 Duo?
  4. I think even if you buy used parts you might struggle to make money. It's up to you obviously but I would just sell your stuff individually.
  5. when looking up the CPU model it is saying it is an intel celeron CPU. because those CPU's have littler to no performance you wouldn't be able to get a decent profit from a computer with all those old parts. also considering the fact that the HDD you have is mainly for a laptop computer you may need to buy a HDD in the end for the system

    also i don't know if your generic 430W PSU could handle that graphics card
  6. Actually you would be surprised how good the Sandy Bridge Celerons are, not that I would recommend buying it and building the system.
  7. I don't think you could get more than $100-$150.00 max for it all but i could very well be wrong.
  8. Yeah the Celeron G530/G540/G550 are actually the extremely powerful for their price. They certainly beat out older Pentiums, and even Core 2 Duos clocked at 3.0Ghz+. They're on par with the Core 2 Quads I believe. and the new celerons only cost $40.

    With the regards to the power supply... It is rated for 450W, but I know it can only do 230W. That being said, I have done the calculations and the 9600GSO + Celeron + 1xHDD should only pull a 100something watts. The 9600GSO has less than a 75W TDP (does not require a PCI-E connector) and I was planning to underclock it anyway.

    The laptop 2.5" drive should work... won't it?
  9. It will. Same power connections and SATA cables.
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