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here wwe go,


link to what i own-6100FX,10gb sd ddr3 ram,1.5 TB HDD, and unfortunatly AMD HD740 1GB ddr3, and aAMD 979 board(sucks)

what id like to do is either just get a GTX 560 2b ddr5, but for price will prlly go with the 7970 gb and a but what i really want to do is

intel z77 mother board
i5 3rd gen, i7 if i can afford
and 2 radeon 6850 2g ddr5(if i could afford it then will get to GTX 550)

basically it seems my board only alows for FX -processors which is fine i guess, id rather have intel but this means it wont run a phenom?? please please tell me it will because that saves me alot of cash! i would justr use my phenom x 4, and if it only takes FX then i should get the zam FX-8120?

I want to know the best solution to this and i play games like battle field and MW3, terra(ya right) skyrim, pretty much all high demaders accepts Call of duty. So lets say i just put the psu and the radeon 7970 3g ddr5 this should be possible correct?

i know i know i should have bought what i wanted but i got it on load from a family member and they think the know everything and came home with this, which is fine its just bvery basic, i like the 6100 but the reviews make it look like a P4...

so best options out of what i chose please
1. buy a barebone rig that has almost all the stuff i wanted
2. get a high powered fx card mind you only one PCIe x16 2.1- no xfire or sli
or any better idea please please lol i need help and no one seems to understand accept the people here. THANKS

p.s if its worth it to do so i would sell this rig for 400 or so just to get the down payment on a new one but please dont tell me thats a good idea lolol thanks guys
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  1. sorry specs are
    AMD+ 970 board
    FX 6100 3.3ghz(overclocked)
    Ram 10 gb sdDDR3
    crappy card- AMD HD 7450 1bg ddr(3)-BOOOOOOO(also over clocked)
    1.5gb hard drive upgraded from the link specs to a 7200 rpm
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