Drivers Needed...ATI Rage128 pro ultra AGP MS

Intel (R) Celeron (R)
CPU 2.66 Ghz
1.5 GB RAM

Driver (current)

Doesn't provide required resolution 1366 x 768 for Philips monitor

Are any drivers available or what graphics card will do it please?
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  1. The drivers would be at, if they still support that card. That things like 13-14yrs old.

    This is the cheapest I can find new, it should work.

    I don't think I'd sink any money into that dinasaur though. Maybe check craigslist for a AGP card. I used to have boxes of them but I threw them away years ago.
  2. geekapproved

    I'll take your advice and not bother to spend on another card as the drivers according to AMD) appear to be the latest available.

    Thanks for reminding me the age of my desktop! Time flies and when things begin to go tits up, I think it time to invest in a fresh machine.

    Problem was the old CRT went focus crazy. I replaced it with a flatty, but unfortunately the graphics card did not support it.

    Thank you.

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