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So yeah,
I'm building a new PC. I will be using my old GPU the Nvidia 9600gt for about some time before I get something new.
My new build be:
Core i5 2320(I know Ivy is better and the 2320 is EOL but that's all I've got here)
Nvidia 9600gt 512MB (***)

My question is will my PSU be able to power all the components?
It's a no brand 450w PSU I got with my case.
I think it has a 16amp by 12v rail (something like that)
192w in total.
Thanks. :)
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  1. I would suggest replacing the PSU with a known quality one but, if it is working and you don't experience stability issues, I'd keep using it. It should provide enough power for your intended build. Often PSU's that come with a case are poor quality units but there are exceptions to that and it is possible you have one of those exceptions. Keep it, use it
  2. I'll be getting a new PSU as soon as I get the money but I want to be able to use the build without any until then..
  3. themegadinesen said:
    I'll be getting a new PSU as soon as I get the money but I want to be able to use the build without any until then..

    You should be able to do that, I know I wouldn't hesitate to. Gotta get that build up and running.
  4. Yep.. the 9600gt will bottleneck the system though. :/
    Anyways thanks man.. :)
  5. The 9600GT is still a viable graphics card, true, it will be your limiter... for now. Once you get your PSU and GPU upgrades, you should be golden
  6. Yeah but I think the card is done. 3 years. It served me well.
    What card do you suggest me to get? I am thinking of getting an HD 7870. I know the 8000 series will be out by then but that means the 7000 series will go down in proce and who knows, I might get a 7950 if the price is low enough. :D
  7. I am impressed with the performance of my 7950, I'm also depressed because it has dropped in price so much since I bought mine. Watching those prices, especially between the NVidia GTX 670 and the AMD HD7950, you may just find a very affordable (and powerful) card at the time you're set to buy.
    I will suggest you begin researching your PSU choices also, a quality 500W unit should be fine for a single graphics card. This link is awesome for reseaching power supplies http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page541.htm
    Good luck, happy reading
  8. the 7950 is better than the GTX 670 right? When did you buy yours?
    Wow, I didn't know about this link.. Thanks man.. :P
    That PSU seems good: http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6641
  9. I wouldn't get a cooler master power supply. I couldnt find a review of the 550w model but here's a review of the 650w model.
    Get a Seasonic, PC power and cooling, XFX, or Antec branded PSU.
    When you get the system built i'd leave the video card out and run with the integrated video untill you get a new psu. While that 450w might power it for a awhile I would gamble when you have the option to run the integrated video.
  10. Lol, gonna counter that PSU (CoolerMaster really aren't the greatest - although they have a few good models) with this one SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze check out this review http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Seasonic-S12II-Bronze-520-W-Power-Supply-Review/954/10 or even the XFX Core Edition PRO550W
  11. themegadinesen said:
    the 7950 is better than the GTX 670 right? When did you buy yours?

    Currently the 7950 is better at most things than the GTX670 but it seems to be a configuration issue that's holding the NVidia cards from their potential in the GTX6XX series - if that gets figured out, who's to say. I got my 7950 within the first week or two of release and after watching prices, I won't recommend that.
  12. what kind of configuration issue? If they figure that out, AMD will lower the prices. :D
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