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I've got a Phenom X4 980 I'm playing PS2 with on a 1900x1200 monitor. I've got CF 6870 with an upgrade to 7950 coming down the pipe - is this CPU enough once I upgrade the card to get there in terms of Graphics? I can only imagine how powerful this game is when it comes to consuming processing power - WoW still beats up some mid-range CPU's. I haven't been able to find much info on Google about PS2 and max system settings, but I'd like to know if its time to upgrade the CPU.

Also, don't have an aftermarket cooler - I don't really like playing around with overclocking too much (a few system crashes have scared me away.) Perhaps I'll get a cooler in the future.

Thanks guys.
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  1. What are the specs for your system?

    That's my configuration. I'm asking if the 980 is a bottleneck for the game in addition to the 7950. I have enough RAM and Power - not really sure what you need to know beyond that.
  3. You may experience some bottlenecking between the CPU and the HD7950. Overall, the impact should be minimal. You could always OC your CPU a bit, but you would need a better heatsink (assuming you are using the OEM version now).

    Honestly, all things considered, your config shouldn't present too many issues.

    Have fun!
  4. As far as Planetside 2 is concerned the developers said they are actively optimising the game to bring major frame rate gains. So your CPU should be fine for Planetside 2.

    In my personal experience my Phenom II X4 @ 3.9GHz (CPU NB @ 2.6GHz) gets some pretty low FPS (20's) in big battles but again the developers are actively optimising it for more FPS.
  5. your CPU will most likely by fine, but of course there will be increased FPS with a better CPU. i dont know how many frames you need to play

    i played on such a bad system for years that i think 20 FPS is perfectly playable, and get annoyed around 10 frames lol. i laugh when people say that 40 FPS is unplayable for them. but i have a better system now haha
  6. I am with a Phenom 960t @ 3 GHz, paired with HD 7770. I get around 20 FPS in huge battles, which is annoying, but I am with 40+ at small battles and at the rest of the game. The only good processor that can get you 30+ FPS in huge battles @ PS 2 are i5`s or i7`s overclocked to 4ghz at least. If you overclock your Phenom to araound ~4 Ghz, maybe you will get around 25 FPS in huge battles. However I really hope they will continue optimizing it.
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