Looking for repair on older NVIDIA graphics cards.

My graphics card is a gt8500 which has failed.
I have spoken with nvidia and pny and both agree it has given up the ghost.
Is there any thing I can do apart from purchasiing a new one.
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  1. I really doubt it. Nobody repair GPUs or CPUs - they are sealed too tightly (imagine - millions of transistors!) in small volume. It's pretty much impossible to repair it.
  2. Well, there is the oven trick, if it has the dotted line artifact problem... plenty of Youtube examples.

    I have a card which could probably be fixed this way, but I never tried it myself, mainly because I'm concerned about toxic fumes getting into the oven, which is used for making food...
  3. Never oven your graphics card in the same oven you're eating from. You may get cancer.
  4. If the caps blew you can replace those easily and cheaply. If the chokes/inductors shorted you can replace those but finding similarly rated replacement can be challenging. If anything else besides cooling you are limited to the oven trick. I've done the oven trick once on a 8600gts and it didn't because the vram or the gpu core was fried beyond any repair.
  5. OK it seems like a new card is required BUT which one would be the best on a limited budget.
    Any advice would be good.
    Thanks to all
  6. Well, limited budget may mean many things. Why don't you include numbers? :).
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