32 RCA (Computer Display) Shadow Problem

In the bottom left corner of my 32 inch RCA tv there is a shadowy spot, when I hit the back of the tv it is temporarily fixed, but then eventually it flickers back to the shadowy look, if anyone knows how to fix I would greatly appreciate any help!
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  1. Oh yeah, it appeared after playing very loud music.
  2. Ouch that's an old TV! It might be going to its grave after all these years. I would not advice trying to repair it yourself - CRT screens are quite deadly. Call a technician if you really want to get it fixed.
  3. It's not that old, its just two years or so. Pretty sure it's led, and when I tap behind the screen, seems like the backlight on the bottom right corner flickers.
  4. Are you sure? RCA doesn't manufacture anything for almost 30 years now. Or it's not RCA maybe?

    Is it still under warranty?
  5. Oh I didn't know someone bought their trademark/name. I still don't think you can repair it yourself - replacing backlight is pretty expensive and you need proper gear to do it. Simple screwdriver isn't enough. I'd take it to repairmen and ask them how much will it cost. If it's above half its price, I would not bother.
  6. I would just get a new TV for the cost of the repair. You can get a cheap/good 1080p 40" for about 299$ these days. No point in paying a boat load to fix an old pile of junk is it?
  7. My tv now is a 1080p 32 inch, it's still pretty new. To me, it looks like something is slightly wrong with the backlight. I think this because I can tap the back and it brightness comes back. In the spot that is shadowy, the image is still very visible, just not bright.
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