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I had been using my older netgear modem cum router from last few years perfectly. Recently I changed my service provider and had to also purchase a new Netgear Wnr2000 router since my earlier one was a adsl modem and now have a cable basic cisco modem connected to my new wnr2000 router.

But i realised my Laptop lenovo T61p does not connect to the wifi router, sometimes it does and when it does, drops and then can never connect back.

When I search for wifi networks, i cant see my router wifi point (able to find it from other devices), its unable to find the access point. Although it shows me a few neighbouring access points.

I have lot many other devices (One IPOD, One android phone, One BB) all can connect to it without any issues instantly.I can see the wifi from these devices too.

With my old router I never faced this.

Appreciate any help guys!
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  1. Well,

    u can try to re-install the driver for latest one, its quick and it might solve the issue. Than u'll know if its something else.
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