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Hey everyone, I'm tempted to run an eyefinity setup. First of all, could anyone tell me if my rig would even run 3 monitors without chugging?
GPU 6870
PSU 650w Corsair

Second thing, I'm currently running on a 19" 1440x900 monitor with a second monitor (1024x7) hooked up as an extended desktop. Would getting 2 20" monitors at 1600x900/1600x1080 be effective considering my third monitor would be a 1440x900? What would all of you suggest as far as setups on a budget? I'm not looking for triple 27" HD Monitors or anything, just something 1440 to 1080p that would look nice in eyefinity without killing my wallet. Microcenter has a lot of good deals on 20" monitors which catch my eye, but I'm not the best at judging monitor specs.
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  1. I'm running 3x http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=6297350&Sku=A179-2320 the color isn't the best (requiers a lot of tweaking) but then again for $140 I can't complain. I Have almost the same computer but with a 6950. It can keep up in most games, but with some there's no way to run them at max settings with a single card. Reduced setting works with most (Like deus ex on medium/some highs).

    For eyefinity to work you need 3 monitors with the same resolution, and I'd highly recommend getting the same brand and SIZE of monitors as well. Otherwise your going to get some weird results. Things on the screen not lining up, bezel compensation being almost impossible and so on.

    Realistically though your probably going to want to upgrade to a x-fire setup to really enjoy eyefinity.
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