3770 or 3570 for gaming with FRAPS?

I am upgrading fairly soon, and I am having trouble choosing between 3570 and the 3770. I know that HT provides next to no advantage for gaming itself, but how much of a difference would it make for recording a game with FRAPS? Would FRAPS take advantage of the virtual cores, and if so would it make a difference that would be noticeable?

On another note, do you think the 3770 will be more "futureproof"? I intend to keep my new build for about 4-5 years, and I'm thinking if I buy the 3570 I might regret it if HT actually does end up being used by games later down the line. So another question would be, will HT EVER make a significant difference in gaming?

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: On yet another note, would my GTX 560ti hold up to FRAPS well? Or is recording way out of my graphics card's league?
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  1. from my experience when recording with fraps both cpu and gpu take a performance hit..i would go with 3770, extra HT cores might not look beneficial now but newer games such as crysis 3 thats not out yet take advantage of amd's 8 core so I'd say more cores is always better for "futureproofing"
  2. I wouldnt call it future proof for an ivy setup because intel is basing their haswell chips on a lga 1150 socket. Well you cant go wrong either way. I got an i7 3770k recently and im content with it. But keep in mind from a 3570k to a 3770k theres a $110 difference.
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