Display Interface Confusion

Unfortunately, monitors are one area of hardware of which i know little.

For my upcoming rig i will be using a stock AMD 7850

And a 120hz monitor.



http://www.grabbest.com/shop.php?i=B00322VJC6 (but mine will be refurbished)

I understand that HDMI will not support 120hz output in 1080p

What interface does ( I believe DP and DVI?), and what cables/adaptors do i need?

Also, will any of these cables/adaptors be included with the GPU or monitor?

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  1. DVI-D dual link cable will do.
  2. Sunius said:
    DVI-D dual link cable will do.

    Oh ok i had in mind that it would be more complicated for some reason!
    So no adaptors or anything? And it supports 120hz?
  3. Yes. Make sure it is dual link though. It should come with the monitor.
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