Brand new HP laptop WIFI issue

Here's the deal, i just recieved HP Pavilion dv7-4107eg that i ordered online, it came with preinstalled windows 7 64bit home edition, with all the latest drivers.

The problem is that i cannot seem to get get the WIFI working despite having the latest drivers.
When i turn on/off wireless button, the light always shines RED, it should be blue if wireless is on.

None of the networking devices are displayed in Device manager, and when i try connecting with UTP cable, i get the yellow "!" under the Networking devices tab, and i cant install drivers cuz, well, im not connected to the internet. I also tried downloading all drivers, put them on usb, and install them, but i alway got the "you have the latest drivers" message. ( note: i also got some Deep sleep power saving message, but i tried disabling LAN power savings in BIOS, nothing happened)

So, how the hell do i turn on the WIFI adapter?
my other PC wireless works flawless
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  1. Some laptops have a wireless switch at the side or rear of the computer. Make sure that this is ON.
  2. that was the first thing I did, its on
  3. Go to Control Panel ---> Network & Sharing Center, and setup a new wireless connection. Restart the computer.
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