My computer isn't starting after i changed my processor...!!!!!

Today, i manually replaced my pentiumD processor with a core 2 duo E 7400...... (manually).....!!!
then as i switched on my pc, it started and ran for 2-3 sedonds . Then it switched off automatically..which was absurd..!!!
I'm really pissed on this and desperately want my pc running again....

Extra info: i am a kind of pro so i ensured that i didn't do any silly thing.........i own a cooler master 450 watt psu with 32 amps on the 12 v rail..
I reinserted my ram..but this didn't help..
I checked all my connections thoroughly and again...(but no gain)

My computer starts with making a normal computer like wizzing sound with nothing on the screen. After 2- 3 seconds, the logo of the motherboard appears and after that.........wooosh...everything!!!!
Any help will be largely appreciated...thnxx
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    Hi, It might be a heating issue. Try installing the stock CPU fan and see if still the same.
    Is the CPU supported without a BIOS update?
  2. I really dont know if it's the cpu fan causing problems..
    I think its a bit loosely installed.. Well....(it's not the heating problem though)
    Does loose stock cpu fan causes this type of problem...??????

    And yeah..the cpu is supported without a BIOS update..
  3. You did make sure to apply new thermal paste when you put the heatsink onto the processor right (or at least confirm it was pre-applied)? And if you were reusing an old heatsink you made sure to scrape off the old paste?

    It definitely sounds like a heat issue, although you could also have maybe been unlucky and managed to bend a pin or not get the processor to seat completely, it always sucks to have to take it completely out to check though.
  4. It might be. If you still have thermal paste, you can reinstall it. I would test it outside the case, on a cardboard or similar. It's easier to control the process and observe issues.
  5. Edit: I see that you state that you believe everything is compatible. I'll leave this section here anyways because LGA 775 was a confusing time for Intel. It probably won't hurt for you to post your board model anyways, if nothing else it allows us to look at that debug features your board supports. Do you get any beep codes? Have you tried running it on integrated graphics if possible. Have you done a bios reset after the CPU install?

    What's the chipset of your motherboard? You coming from a Pentium D makes be think you're running on a legacy chipset. While LGA 775 was around forever, there's no guarantee that any LGA 775 cpu will work in a LGA 775 board.

    While (generally speaking) the entire 9xx series chipsets were LGA775. Only the 965 was designed to natively supported core 2 out of the box. Most of the 975 and 945 boards (not ALL) were eventually updated to support it as well and only the 65nm core 2s. The others (915, 925, 955) will kill core 2 cpus. Only the latest generation boards for LGA 775 (3x and 4x series) officially support the 45nm core 2s (and some of the 945, 965, 975 do too, but this isn't warrantied by Intel).

    Why create this confusion? No comment. Why not different sockets? backwards compatibility (you can run Pentium D CPUs on p45 chipsets, some motherboards let you do it, intel doesn't officially support that either I don't think).

    Since your original processor was a Pentium D, I'm inclined to believe that it was paired with a chipset that DOES NOT support the 45nm shrink of core 2 (e7xxx series). Pentium D had a much higher vcore and if the board doesn't recognize your CPU it MAY supply the default voltage for Pentium 4/D 65/90nm chips which will instantly kill the CPU.

    My best advice is to stop powering the machine up in the event the CPU is incompatible (and is still alive). Let us know which board you have and we can give you better advice from there.
  6. well....u got it correct...its a LGA 775 type of socket and it's compatible with core 2 entire series because i have earlier performed a change in processor succesfully..
    I changed from pent.D to a core 2 duo e 8400..(it performed like a charm).....but it was my friend's i successfully switched back to pent.D....(and it ran fine)
    But this time a change didn't come for any good.....!!!
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