AMD fx 4100 vs AMD phenom ii x4

Hello. Today I wanted to ask the question of whether the fx 4100 or the phenom ii x4 was better. I already have both in black edition, but I am unsure of which to use. I will be gaming on this computer I am building. This will be overclocked slightly with the stock cooler. The CPU will be used in conjunction with a sapphire vapor-x 7950. This is temporary, as I will upgrade to an i5 2500k with liquid cooling later. Thank you in advance. Btw I am not sure which phenom x4 I have. Just know I have one. I hope to be able to oc to 3.6 on the stock cooler.
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    If the phenom II is a black addition I would use it and overclock it. I'm getting much better results with the phenom II. Even if its not overclockable I think I would still use it. I just built a system with a 4170 and I think its crap compared to my phenom II x4 955 BE. Just my opinion.
  2. The Phenom II X4 is going to perform usually better in most cases, just make sure you overclock its Hyper Transport bus.
  3. Ok thank you for the replies both answers were good. I could only choose 1 though.
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