Cpu thermal paste help plz urgent

hi i first had an preapplied tim on my cpu fan i5 2500k after that opened 2 times thn applied new tim but it didnt last more thn 2 months temp. wre high when i didnt apply new tim after resiiting my fan so my que. which is best thermal passte for i5 2500k with stock fan no oced and plz which lasts longer n wre to buy it india thnx n plz the best method to aaply which lasts longer in bf3 my temps. r 78 max plz help thnx
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  2. how to get this insoprpyl alcohol man in india?
  3. Alcohol from pharmacy is OK.
  4. kk thnx but i ordered the genuine intel tim but it didnt last for more thn 2 moths y?
  5. A good cooling depends also on :
    -the tim applying method
    -the CPU cooler
    -overclocking or not
  6. i dont oc n its stock fan it was line method i applied
  7. Then I suggest buying and installing an aftermarket cooler.
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  9. kk thnx bro n my cpu goes 66 to 78 usage in bf3 normal>
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