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I'm a first time builder and I'd like to get some advice from the experts about three different Graphics Cards:

1. EVGA GeForce GTX 570
2. EVGA GeForce GTX 580
3. Radeon HD 7950

I'm looking for a card that can play the latest games on high (maybe ultra) and also a great card for multi tasking, eg. Recording Game play and playing the game at the same time. I also want to do video editing. I've read it's not worth the extra getting the 580 over the 570 but how does the 7950 compare to them both.

Thankyou heaps,
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  1. The best card right now for the money is GTX 670. Blow's past GTX 580. In the end, more performance and less expensive.
  2. The GTX570 can be had for as low as $250 after MIR. That is the best performance/$ of these cards.
    As said above the GTX670 before the GTX580.
  3. Thanks, whats better the 670 or the 7950?? And is it worth upgrading to one of these from the 570??
  4. GhostComandr said:
    Thanks, whats better the 670 or the 7950?? And is it worth upgrading to one of these from the 570??

    Here you can see the performance of all three so it is up to you to decide what is worth it
  5. OK, so the 670 is 25% better than the 570 but what does that actually mean... How will that extra 25% help in terms of gaming and editing.
  6. If you get 40 fps with 570 in gaming you will get 50 fps with 670. The editing capabilities are similar.
  7. Thanks, another question, how much RAM should I get. I'm planning on getting 8gb but would the upgrade to 16gb we worth it??
  8. For gaming 8GB is plenty but the editing can benefit from more.
  9. Thanks, another question, i5 vs i7. Sorry for all the questions it's just great to get them answered lol :D
  10. I5 gaming I7 editing! If the editing is at amateur level then the I5 will do fine.
  11. Thanks, Is this a good motherboard for all this:
    Asus P8Z68 –V/GEN3 Intel Z68
    If not any suggestions??

    Also how much power would you recommend to run all this.
  12. That is a very good board but you might want to look at the newer Z77 chip set
    A quality 550watt psu will run it fine with one GPU.
  13. I agree with rolli59 on the motherboard. If you want cut costs the i5's are great for gaming. i7 for more serious stuff as rolli said.
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