What is a good 500W PSU?

Hello everyone, I'am planning on upgrading my PSU because I want to upgrade my GPU(will buy a gtx 660), and for that I will need a decent PSU(not my current no label 460W PSU) in order not to blow this up.

I would like u guys to tell me what is a good 500W PSU (which is enough for gtx 660), like a well built one, low price, silent fan and a good reliability.

I am in kind of a budget to buy the PSU because I only wanted to upgrade my GPU but ended knowing that it was better to upgrade the PSU first.

Thank you all :)

EDIT:Was thinking in the Corsair Builder Series CX 500W PSU, but is there any other brand with cheaper prices and still good build quality?
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  1. Xfx 550W Pro Core.

    Antec Vp 450W.

    Seasonic S/M 12II 520W
  2. As long as its at least 80 plus Bronze...you're good to go.

    I have a 520w w/ 2HDDs, 1SSD, 660ti, and overclocked 2500k.The PSU is holding up well.

    450w is cutting it close, but should get the job done.
  3. I do like the xfx 550W Pro Core :)
  4. Well its a great PSU. Made by seasonic. Golden awards and it will do the job. !

    Good Luck !
  5. Yea it will certainly do the job :D
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