I5,i7 vs. fx series

ive been using an 8120fx oc at 4.4ghz for a while...last week
decided to switch to a i7 3770k. I wasn't expecting this much improvements honestly. Theres a lot
of threads discussing how an fx is sufficient enough for your typical needs either as a gamer or w.e.
Some people say oh an fx chip and a mobo is cheaper than going the intel route but honestly the amount of
power you use compared to intel is ridiculous. I previously had my 8120fx oc to 4.4ghz and the power usage according to
coretemp stayed at 125watts at idle as for my i7 oc to 4.4ghz it fluctuates to 25 watts to 28.1 watts at idle.
then comes the comparison...

8120fx @4.4ghz
gigabyte 7870 oc ghz crossfire:
cinebench: 7.12
uningine: 3124
BF3: operation swordbreaker: avg 70-80fps

i7 3770k @4.4ghz
gigabyte 7870oc ghz crossfire:
cinebench: 8.89
uningine: 3427
BF3: operations swordbreaker: avg 100-110fps

To gain about constant 30 fps while using a significant amount of less watts just proves that im inlove with intel.
Sure I never got to try the 8350fx but the watts it used turned me away to an i7. Overall im glad I did but some of you might say i should
have waited for the HASWELL lineup but honestly its going to be another 5-10% increase in cpu and another improved integrated gpu which i dont need
because of having a dual 7870 setup.
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  1. I have always purchased Intel, because they are the leader in CPU performance. If you want performance, you buy Intel, if your primary concern in budget, AMD gives you alternatives, and in my opinion, keeps Intel from a monopoly. It would be nice to see price and performance come into the picture....I would give an AMD build a chance...
  2. 8120fx
    gigabyte 990fx ud 3 : $284.99 from newegg

    i7 3770k
    msi z77 mpower: $465.11 from microcenter

    theres a $180 difference i spent on both setups.
    But the i5 with the same motherboard theres only a $70 difference.
    I went with the i7 just for the hell of it. aha idiotic i know
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