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So I tried to make my first build recently and ran into a problem. I had everything hooked up and it would not power on, so I unhooked everything from the power supply except for the cpu and the fans for the case. Everything then powers on and I get a POST error code of 5 beeps. Tried removing and reapplying thermal paste but nothing worked. The power does not go off after the beeps but the temperature lcd on the motherboard goes up to 99 and then says D6 and FF. Not sure if it is a processor error or motherboard error.


Help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hi, Is there a sticker on the BIOS chip? Can you check the board's BIOS version?
  2. I'm not sure where to check for that.
  3. It should be a sticker with P1... or P2..
    However, the CPU is supported starting with September 2011 and I guess that the board is newer than that.
    What happens if after testing with only CPU and CPU fan, you insert only one RAM stick? What beeps patterndo you get?
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