Firewire card need power fro PSU?

Hi there.

I've recently found an old Firewire card I had stored away, and it turns out in my new PC I now need it because I don't have one.

It looks something like this:

It's a basic internal card and right at the back is 4 metal pins that appears to be some sort of connection. (the white thing)

I'm not very technical, however does this mean the card needs to be connected to the PSU or is that for something else?

I'm only going to be having one thing plugged into it!

Many Thanks.
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  1. I highly doubt it's for power. AFAIK the only expansion cards that require more power than available from the socket they go in is video cards. This is likely for connecting a top or front firewire port into the card. If you don't get a better answer, you can always plug it in and see if it works.
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