Need feedback on new video card

i working on building a list for my new desktop but have no idea how to choose the right graphics card for the hardware i have chosen so far. I mainly will be using the computer for 3d graphics using 3d studio max 2012 and photoshop. I plan to use dual monitors. Here is the cpu and mother board i have picked out so far:
Intel core i5-2500k sandy bridge

asrock z77 extreme 4 mother board (or asus sabretooth z77, havent made up my mind yet)

coolermaster storm scout mid-tower

i was going for 8gb ram is there any reason this would be too much for the sytem im building.
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  1. 8GB would be low for your usage at minimum go with 16GB, Professional GPU like Nvidia quatro
  2. 8gb ram is the sweet spot atm for gaming, but 3d modeling and photo shop are a few of the small number of apps that can utilise more than 8gb, so i suppose it comes down to preference and pockets!
    im currently wishing for a radeon 7990 as an upgrade to my current 6670 ddr3, they are the dog's! my friend has one and plays gta 4 with photo real mods with it (gta 4 is a pig of a game to run well and the radeon destroys it!)
    hope that helps, but if you wait a mo a nvidia fan will contradict me !!
  3. Hi :)

    Answers on graphics cards are easy , and not because I sell them in my

    The MORE you pay the BETTER you get...

    I run a 7990 (the best there IS at the moment) but they cost around £750/$1000 ROUGHLY...

    All the best Brett :)
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