Will this motherboard be able to overclock?

I'm on a budget of £250 for my cpu, motherboard and ram.

the CPU ive choosen is the i5 2500k or the i5 3570k depending on the price when i buy.

ill be getting 8gbs of ram so that will be around £30.

i was wondering if this motherboard will be able to overclock to around 4.5ghz with a decent cooler such as a 212 evo?

here is the motherboard https://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Motherboards+-+Intel/Socket+1155+-+Intel+Z77/MSI+Z77A-G41+Intel+Z77+Socket+1155+DDR3+PCI-Express+Motherboard+?productId=53351
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  2. Yes the Z77 board is capable of overclocking to 4.5 ghz for the 2500k, but for the 3570k you may be wanting to upgrade to something a bit better.

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  3. Ok. cheers
  4. Alrightey, glad I was able to help :)

    Anyways if you do have a thread, and no one responds it, instead of bumping the thread, just send a PM to me and I will reply to the thread. Even if my reply is not the solution at least it will bump it back up.

    - Have a good day! :)
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