Computer only boots with onboard graphics

So 2 thing, when I turn off the computer, the fans remain spinning, that is the cpu fan and the normal computer fan.

If I have my graphics card plugged in, the computer wont boot.

It will only boot if I plug the cable into the on board graphics and remove the video card.

Whats causing my computer to stay on and not boot with graphics card.

Ive tested the many different cards, same problem. The cards work fine on other computers. I have replugged everything, I just dont know what to do.

The computer was working fine, untill i ordered a new video card, which worked for 1 day untill I shut it down and this problem came up where my fans will stay on

My specs

Amd phenom quad core 3.4 ghz

8 gb ram

Radeon 6770 or GTS 250 (pc wont work with these or the 4670)

500 w psu

250 gb hard drive

Ive tried googling for hours, so hoping one kind person might know the answer to my problem. Hopefully its not a faulty hardware.

Thank you
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  1. By "boot" do you mean the screen doesn't turn on or the computer itself doesn't start? Did you make sure you connected the 6 pin power connector into the graphics card prior to starting the computer?

    You said the fans stay on, so completely shut down the computer by flipping the switch on the power supply or simply unplugging it.

    I remember this happend to me and all I had to do was remove the graphics card, and install it back in.

    Good Luck.
  2. by boot i mean, there is no beep, nothing shows up on screen, the computer fans just get a little louder, and stay like that. Ive tried 2 different 6 pin connectors, the one thats on the power supply itself and the one that came with the video card. Of course I can shut down everything if I shut off the power supply or unplug the computer, but I shouldn't have to do that to shut down my computer. These problems are somehow related I think.

    Thank you for the response.
  3. i had that issue on my asus mb..easy fix just find the cmos jumper and with the power turned off and the ps drained. clear the cmos. check with your mb vendor to see if you need any bios updates for ram or cpu code. you did not post your mb vendor so i cant look that info up. on most new mb they now have with cpu that have gpu in the have the bios set to boot from onboard gpu first..called ipeg. want to chenage it to pci-e then i-peg and put your video cable on the gpu.
  4. Yes, most likely a problem with the CMOS. I remember when I first got my Radeon 7850 I had the same exact problem.

    Try removing the Graphics Card and use a duster to blow onto the PCIE slot and PCI connector on the bottom of the graphics card.

    Does any other graphics card work when you plug it into the motherboard?

    If none of the graphics card work then it is most likely a motherboard problem.
  5. ok guys, I tried new a power supply, I tried replugging everything, it seems the problem is the motherboard. So once I get a chance I will order a new motherboard soon and let you guys know who it goes.
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