HDMI not working on my test boot?

I connected an HDMI cable to the monitor and the video card but keep getting a no signal on my monitor when test booting.

The Gtx's fans spin fine, so does the Cpu's heatsink fan.

Any help on this?

(I tested the HDMI cable with my laptop, it works just fine.)

Does this mean that the HDMI port of my GTX 670 is faulty or drivers?
I haven't completely wired everything.
I'm just trying to test boot up to the BIOS error screen.

Following things are attached:

GTX 680 card on an ASROCK Z68 Extreme Gen3
i-5 2500k
Heat sink with fan.
2 Ram sticks

Power is only currently given to the GPU card and the motherboard itself.
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  1. Was the bios set to look at the new video card or is it still looking at the built in one?
  2. GOT IT TO WORK, I forgot to connect the cpu power cables >;o
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