How do I get rid of the dual boot.


So I was on Win7>>Win8 preview>> and just this last weekend I installed and upgraded to Win8 Pro.

I wanted to do a fresh install so I created a new partition and install the full version to it.

When I boot the system is still seeing the old version so it gives me the dual boot option.

How to I set it up so it boots straight into the only valid copy of windows?

And how do I go about deleting the old one?

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  1. Instead of a partition use the whole hard drive and re-install it?
  2. I don't have a 2nd hard drive large enough to back up my movie and music collection. Nor do i really want to make a couple hundred back up dvds.
  3. The easy way would be to buy an external harddrive and backup your data. Then install Windows 8 while rebuilding the harddrive to a single partition.

    The hard way involves changing core system files and deleting files. But you need to be extremely careful because making the wrong change will result in having to start over using the easy way and hoping that your data is still intact.

    Either way you should always backup your data before upgrading your OS.
  4. or go into control panel / system & security / system / advanced system setting - advanced - startup and recovery and remove the option to boot to the other OS.

    You should then be able to remove the other OS's its not as clean as it could be, you'll then have to expand the partition of the surviving OS to take up the remaining space or create a new partition out of them.
  5. I believe that is what I was looking for Monkey.... I will have to try it when I get home.

    Oddly enough when I set up a Ubuntu dual boot all of this is done for me in the install and uninstall. Wait I thought Linux was suppose to be the difficult one to use lol.
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