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Hello, at the last week i started having a problem whenever i play bf3 or anyother game that is abit hard to run after about 10 minutes my screen freezes and i cant do anything else but turn off manually the pc and back on, any one know what causes this and how to solve it?
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  1. Have you checked your temperatures? Also, have you updated your drivers? If your newer drivers are giving you problems, use an older driver.

    Also, please list out your computer specs, including power supply unit and how much watts it gives.
  2. Specs:
    GPU:ATI Radeon HD5670 1gb gddr5
    CPU:Intel core 2 duo E8400 3.00GHz
    4Gb ram
    Windows 7 64bit
    i tried updating my driver to 12.4 but it still displays 12.3 but its using the 12.4 il try using the 12.2 and let you know
  3. You may also want to try the 12.6 Beta drivers if you get the chance. Also let me know your temperature when the issue happens.
  4. how do i check the temperture while it happens? all the screenfreezes and i cant do anything, or you mean right after or before?
  5. download hwmonitor

    Run it, and you can alt-tab while the game is on. You can then see your temps, hopefully.
  6. The GPU is about 60 C
    The cores are about 90 C
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