Computer Shutting Off while doing little or nothing at all

Hello. I'm a newbie and this is my first time asking in a forum for help.

So it's been around 4 months since I last did a fresh install of windows 7, but now every time I leave the computer alone or do something small such as browse the internet for less than 5 minutes, it will power off without going through the shut down phase, then automatically reboot and telling me if I want to start in Safe Mode. It will NEVER happen when playing a game, using certain programs, or when the AC adapter is unplugged. At first I was looking up other forums and thought it was my fan malfunctioning or my AC adapter short-circuiting but the fan never stops and in Safe Mode the laptop will never power off whether I am idle or not. I've done everything from cleaning out the inside of my laptop with canned air, updated my bios to the latest version, updated all of my drivers, checked power settings. I am hoping it's some sort of configuration problem and not a hardware problem since it works perfect in safe mode, but I also get the feeling it might be the AC adapter messing up, but then why wouldn't it mess up in safe mode?

I am totally clueless on what else to do and right now I've been using Safe Mode ever since (and whenever I'm not gaming.)
If there's anyone who has any idea what's causing this, it would be very much appreciated =)

Using a Toshiba Satelite A305D OS Windows 7
4Gb of memory but it only uses 3Gb since I am using 32bit version of windows (will change to 64bit when this problem is resolved)
2Ghrtz Dual Core Intel processor
video memory I think should be 256mb but i doubt that has anything to do with this
320gb Hdd
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  1. Hi :)

    What temps is it running at on idle ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I used the readings from SIW if that's fine
    ACPI temp = 40C
    CPU temp = 40C
    HDD temp = 38C
  3. Ok for some reason after I play a game, I can use the laptop however I want until it goes idle again. And also found out every time it boots it up after being turned off normally, it turns off the moment windows explorer starts then shuts off and reboots and then afterwards I can use as long as I'm doing something that uses up a lot of memory. I'm going to try reinstalling windows 7 and see if it helps.
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