Dimension 8400, boots to the Dell splash screen, stays powered on for about a mi

Have a dimension 8400 that boots to the Dell splash screen and won't boot further. It stays on for 30-60 seconds and powers off. Power supply issue?
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  1. does this tower have the 4 diag light on the back of the case ?
  2. It has the ABCD lights on the back, with abc green, d is yellow. I don't think its the power supply. I tried re-seeding the dimm's, removing one, re-seeding the graphics card. I currently don't have thermal paste to re-seed the proc. There are a few bulging cap's.
  3. what the user manual tel you for the light sequence and the color they have ? also if you have bubling capacitor you may need to get another motherboard it would also check the psu with a volmeter.
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