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Pins are discolored

Last week I when I installed my CPU after the first try,
I noticed I bent 1 pin. No problem I'll just use the traditional fixes for it.
But I also noticed, one side of the LGA1155 socket were discolored, like a darker brown compared to the lighter side of the rest of the socket.

Is that normal? Are they all bent? Do I need to be worried?

First time builder here so I think I should be scared :O
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Pro-4M
Processor: Intel i5 3570k
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  1. Personally I'd try to get a magnifying glass and check it out. I mean yeah, pins usually change color when bent, but because of the light it reflects. I assume you have a pair of paper thin tweezers in case they are? As long as they're not bent to the point where they can actually break off, it should be repairable. Just approach it slow and easy. Keep double checking over and over, even when they may seem not bent any longer, they may be just enough. Remember to not force the CPU back in. If it fits back nice and snug like it should after, you should be fine.

    Half of my 1055T got bent... so spent hours doing it that way. Long story short, the TIM I used became quick cement, and the cooler wouldn't cooperate, so the CPU got pulled out of the socket while locked. Even after years of building, it'll still scare the best of us.

    I'd also recommend trying to move them by gripping the base of a pin with tweezers. If you bend them back by the top of the pins you may bend them more by mistake.
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    Does it look like this:

    If so that is normal.
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