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Hello all my birthday is soon coming in september and i would like a good gaming keyboard as welll as a mouse. I don't need mechanical i don't think because im just using a old belkin "clasic keyboard that says "made in china" :D ok so i think i would like the g400 as i will be gaming but that leaves me with 50$ to get a keyboard, which should i get? i will be playing bf3, also what are the advantages for a gaming keyboard/mouse. thanks for your help!
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  1. anybody?
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    you can never go wrong with the sidewinder x4
  3. The sidewinder x4 and G400 are really good bang for buck Keyboard and Mouse, respectively.
  4. sidewinder x4 is better than logitech g510? Both are in the same price range i guess
  5. Never said anything is better. :)
  6. I am in the same situation as you just I was watching keyboards and mice sine my birthday in February and I realize it can be a tough decision, but I have narrowed it down to a pool of hardware: Mice - Logitech g400, g500, g9x, Razer Deathadder & Keyboards - Microsoft sidewinder x4, Logitech g110 prices have change alot but you should find a combo out of these at $100
  7. ok i think im going to go with the g400 and the sidewinder x4 thank you guys for the help :D the only thing is that my computer has blue leds so if someone else has something similiar with blue leds it would be awsome
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  9. I have the Logitech G400 gaming mouse- I would advise not to buy it. The buttons are "tight" hard to push. If you play any amount of time the fingers are tired and hurt. I play WoW and hate it. But bought it 2 months ago and can't reason to buy aother new mouse so soon.
  10. @frisky so i shouldn't buy it? what would your suggestion be for 50$? i mostly play bf3 what buttons are hard to push?
  11. Not sure what to buy but do not buy it unless you want tired sore fingers if you play nay amount of games at all.
  12. so like the regular right and left buttons are hard to push or the side buttons?
  13. left and right are hard but so are the sides. None of them are easy or even normal I really hate it.
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