Just bought a intel DH55TC moterboard, graphics card help

just bought this motherboard and building my own computer. im just a little bit lost in which graphics card to buy. im not soo intrested in running games in ultra but fairly high quality. cheaper the better as well but will spend the extra cash if u recommend so. its got a 15 780 processor and 8gb ram ddr3 ram at the moment

i looked it these so far
Evga NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 PCI Express 2.0 810MHz 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card

Nvidia Geforce XFX 9800GT 512MB
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  1. You expect to play modern games at high/ultra quality with those cards??? The GT520 is a low end card not designed for heavy/HQ gaming and the 9800GT is a now outdated card which cannot run DX11 titles. I'd suggest a HD6770/GTX550 or higher (HD77xx is a great card).
  2. Agreed^.
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