Graphics Card for 22"TFT screen and for streaming TV

Hello, I've got an old HP machine (HP XW8200 Dual Xeon 3.6Ghz 64-Bit Tower PC 4GB RAM) with a pretty standard card in it and I'd like to replace it with something thats good enough to display reasonable quality TV pictures e.g. BBC iplayer, Ch4 Online etc

Download speed is about 1.7Mbps so I'm confident I can watch without too much delay but I wonder if extra memory on the card would help improve quality/performance of stream signal or is it irrelevant ?

I should point out I'm not particularly looking for a TV tuner card as I have a TV in my study as well. However if your recommendation came with a TV option that wouldnt be a problem.

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  1. On card memory does make a difference,I was using a card with 512MB and even though It worked fine I got a nvidia 520 by Zotac which has 1 gig of memory and it does great on my 50 inch plasma at 1080p.The cards only good for light to moderate gaming but I have another computer for that.Its a very reasonably priced card and low power consumption works fine on my 300 watt psu.Also streaming video does much better than the one that had 512MB of memory.
  2. Thanks for those responses.

    I've found an Nvidia GeForce GT 520 2GB PCI Express Graphics Video Card With HDMI DVI VGA Port from an ebay supplier for £39. It has an HDMI port so presumably that could connect to the Sky box ?

    Without getting too technical about this is there a difference between a graphics card such as the 520 which has an HDMI port and a TV Tuner specific card like the ones that recon has highlighted ?

    I'm not sure if a TV Tuner card is of benefit to me if I dont particularly wish to plug in an aerial or satellite connection ? I need enlightening :pt1cable:
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