New system dosnt work

Hey guys I just recieved my new system from newgg today and put it together with no luck. This is the build.
Asus maximus v gene
noctua nh-d14
8gb gskill ripjaw
msi twin frozr 7950
Seasonic 650x
Thats actually all I have hooked up to it currently. I only plugged in the motherboard power connector, the cpu, and the pcie. Pressed the start button on the board and everything boots up, I get two beeps that sound different. I get a wide variety of error codes, at first it was a ram error code. So I flipped the ram around and that code went away (maybe one stick of ram is bad?). However then I get two different codes, either A2 which is IDE detect, or d7 which is no console input devices are found. This is my first build, I have no idea what these even mean. This is incredibly frustrating.

Again nothing else is plugged into the board currently, it is sitting on my table with just the board and the above plugged in. Fans and lights all kick on. I also plugged the graphics card into my monitor via HDMI and get nothing on the screen, no splash or anything.
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  1. Anyone? Asus tech support was a joke.
  2. it could either be Bad Ram, or Bad Mobo, or Bad Video card, do you have an extra pc that you can shove the vga card into? or extra DDR3 ram?
  3. Can you access the BIOS? See if everything is properly inserted. YOU will need a spare PC to diagnose the error
  4. Unfourtunately I dont have any other pcs. And I cant get into bios. One stick of ram is dead for sure. And I am sending the board back. It kept giving me different errors, betwenn d7 and a2. I hope its not the gpu because I would hate to get my board back and find out it wasnt what was broken. All I know Is when I unplug the gpu it still gave me the same errors, I didnt try the onboard graphics because with or without the gpu I got same errors.
  5. did you put the gpu in the correct slot mate?
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