I7 3770k worth the upgrade over i7 970

Hey Guys,

A few years ago ( around 2 ) I got an i7 - 970. Now I have the ability to get my hands on i7 - 3770k for under $100

So my question for everybody here at Tom's Hardware is simple... is it worth the upgrade cost ( new motherboard and memory ).

Thanks guys!
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  1. for gaming. its not really worth it. save your money till haswell
  2. Upgrade is waste to u r system.Reason : mobo not fully utilise processor so upgrade mobo then psu need upgrade etc..... so change all is waste. solution:sell the system and buy a new one.
  3. 3770k for under $100? Is it used?

    As far as if it's worth it... you're trading 6 cores for 4 cores and HT (which is up in the air as far if it's useful at the moment)... and 12MB L3 Cahce for 8MB L3 Cache. I wouldn't do it.
  4. i7 970 is perfectly servicable, 3770k will only be faster in gaming once you OC the sucker. I would put my money away and wait!

    Your rig is capable anyways.
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