Is my PSU enought for this video cards ?

Hello i need to get new GPU for my pc, currently choosing between HD 6870 and GTX 560, but i'm not sure if my PSU can handle this cards.

my configuration -

CPU: Core 2 QUAD 2.5GHz, Q8300, 1333Mhz, 4Mb

MainBoard: g41m-es2l, s.775,G41chipset,FSB 1066/800,1333 DUAL RAM DDRAM II 533/667, PCI Expressx16

RAM: 2048 DDRAM II /800Mhz/

PSU: Xilence 500W
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  1. Hi

    If your PSU is the XQ 500W then it'll be fine, if its the R3 then You'll have to have a look at the label on the PSU for us and look for the wattage under the +12V rails(s).
  2. it's actually a 550w PSU, i have this one -

    It's only 1 x 6PIN PCI-E there, and as i know both of this cards require
    2 x 6PIN PCI-E, can i solve this problem somehow ?
  3. Yeah its an R3, the specs list the +12V rails amperage but not wattage which is really important to know.

    You can use a molex to 6 pin adapter like this:

    Like I said before you can check the +12V wattage on the label of the PSU.
  4. Was able to see only this
    Don't think there is more information on the PSU. 8(
  5. Wow, that's annoying, I expect it would be fine, but I would personally contact Xilence to find out the wattage dedicated to the +12V rails. Just to be on the safe side.
  6. Ok, big thanks for help omgitzfatal ! I will try to find more info about that PSU, but how much wattage i need ?
  7. The higher the quality of PSU the more wattage will be available to the +12V rail(s), In your case I would say you'll want atleast 400W available for the +12V rails.
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