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Xonar d1 and dt 770 pro 80 virtual surround problem

December 15, 2012 3:33:11 AM

Hello everybody. I am having trouble setting up virtual surround sound with my xonar d1 card and my beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80 ohm headphones. I am currently running windows 8, have the beta windows 8 sound card drivers installed on my system and it seems to be working fine for everything except virtual surround sound. I have tried going into the control panel and changing settings, but when i configure my headphones, it says its already setup for 7.1. In the xonar audio center, I have it set to 8 channels, headphones, PCM, and dolby headphone (pictures below), but after doing the windows surround sound test I know I'm still only getting 2.1.

I tried switching from PCM to dolby digital live, but once I switch no sound works at all. The mixer will show sound coming in but I can hear nothing in my headphones. I tried plugging my headphones into the spdif out port but that did not work with any settings.

It seems like I need the spdif to get a digital signal, so maybe that's why dolby digital isn't working. I have a toslink 3.5 adapter that the instructions say to use for spdif out, but I can't plug my headphones into it. I'm not sure if I need to buy something else to get this system working or not. If anyone can help me figure out what im doing wrong, id greatly appreciate it.

Pictures of settings and plug ins:

**Edit** OK, so I was going through my uncles basement helping him move some stuff out and I found a receiver he said I could have. It's a Yamaha r-v1103 ( so i guess i just buy an optical cable from amazon, use the adapter my sound card came with to plug it into the spdif port, and I should be good to go?